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Hello and Welcome to Christel's Reflexology Niche!!

I have been practicing Foot Reflexology for over 15 years and am certified in the Ingham Method by the International Institute of Reflexology. I hold a PhD in Holistic Health and additional certifications in Iridology, Massage Therapy, Herbology, and Reiki.

Embracing both the physical and emotional aspects of Reflexology, I offer a quiet, cozy, and tranquil space at the Main Street Massage (Flemington) location where you can sit back, relax, and feel pampered. Each session is tailored to your needs. Whether it's an existing health condition, wanting to reduce stress levels, relief from aching, painful feet or just the need for a little 'me' time, my goal is to support and help you achieve your best health.

May what you decide today lead to the best that is yet to come.



Experience the Foot-Body Connection

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Do you have aching feet or suffer from headaches, insomnia, or other health issues? Our feet are not simply tools for walking--they transmit motor and sensory information to the brain. Reflexology theorizes that the complex network of over 7,000 nerve endings (reflex points) on each foot link to organs, glands, and body systems. Using firm pressure and specific finger and thumb movements on reflex points, Foot Reflexology works with the nervous system to normalize body functions and trigger a healing response.

Foot Reflexology has been shown to promote blood circulation and lymph flow; remove toxins; increase joint flexibility; and relieve anxiety and tension. Some of the key benefits associated with stimulating the reflex areas are relaxation; stress management; and reduced acute and chronic pain.

Other benefits include relief from: diabetic neuropathy; PMS; high blood pressure; digestive disorders; back pain; foot/muscle spasms; Restless Leg Syndrome; and plantar fasciitis.

(NOTE:  Reflexology is not a foot massage. Reflexology does not cure or diagnose disease.)

For Foot Pain Relief

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PLANTAR FASCIITIS is inflammation in the strong band of tissue (ligament) that stretches from the heel of the foot to the end of the metatarsal foot bones. This ligament supports the arch of the foot and also acts as a shock absorber. Undue stress on the ligament can lead to pain and inflammation anywhere on the underside of the foot,. However, most often, one spot is found to be the main source of pain. Fortunately, Reflexology offers an alternative and natural way to relieve the pain of Plantar Fasciitis and facilitate recovery.

The manipulation of the foot helps release muscle tension and adhesions that form when inflammation is present, allowing greater movement. Through specific finger, thumb, and hand techniques, increased circulation to the affected area allows delivery of healing oxygen and nutrients while removing toxins.

We ask that you be patient and recommend several sessions in helping the area to heal. Our feet are amazing for what they do for us all in our lifetime. We need to treat them with love and care. And reflexology will do just that.

END OF YEAR - HOLIDAY SPECIAL:                     5 Sessions:  40 Min.  $40.00 Each

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A series of 4-6 sessions is recommended for optimum results to reduce stress and anxiety; promote circulation and lymph flow; and reduce pain. However, one treatment will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated, and rebalanced. New clients receive a free foot scrub. 60 Min/$80.00 30 Min/$46,00 Incl. lower leg/foot massage using massage cream/oil and hydrating foot moisturizer


SERIES SESSIONS 4 to 6 sessions recommended for optimum results in loosening adhesions/scar tissue; stretching muscles and ligaments; and to reduce pain, discomfort, and inflammation. 5 Sessions: 30 MIN. - $46 Each Session Includes CBD cream or Coconut Oil Foot Treatment

MONTHLY SPECIALS (Call for Prices) & ADD-ONS ($10 EA)

DIABETIC/NEURO REFLEXOLOGY: Series sessions improve circulation and reduces nerve pain, tingling, and numbness in feet. Treatment helps to remove toxins and problems with glucose tolerance. *** ADD-ONS: Hot Stone Reflexology; Hand OR Foot Scrub; Vacuum Foot Therapy/Cupping. MINI-IRIDOLOGY ASSESSMENT CLINIC (Every Sunday) COMING SOON! Call to Register or Questions

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